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Oct 2, 2020

On this week’s episode, our host Nina Rupp is joined by Keith Eshelman, the co-founder and CEO of Parks Project. Keith recorded his segment from a yurt in his backyard (seriously... how cool is that?) and he and Nina explore everything about the standout for-profit business, which was created solely to give back to our national parks. Parks Project was featured in the Cassandra Daily Newsletter in a roundup of cause-oriented merch, and just hit a milestone of giving $1 million back to national parks back in August.

Not only does each collection of Parks Project apparel help fund any number of projects in our national parks—including vital wildlife conservation efforts, trail restorations, visitor education and more—but the merch is dope: it’s vintage-inspired (there’s tons of 70’s and 80’s inspired graphics and details), taps into 2020’s tie-dye craze, and is perfect for wearing around the house between those socially-distant outdoor adventures.