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Oct 21, 2021

Today, on our latest episode of the Cassandra Podcast, Cassandra welcomes back Emily Albright Miller, Senior Vice President of Big Red Rooster. Listen in to gain inside knowledge on what’s currently happening in the retail and QSR space, as well as some predictions and guidance for brands going into the holiday season. Miller shares some recent insights about how vital the human component is to a positive brand experience. In her research, Miller spoke to both consumers as well as workers about current labor shortages, brand expectations and the consumer journey. With assumptions that tech can fill some of these gaps, Miller explains why this may not be the right long-term strategy. This week, we’re making a case for the human element as we guide listeners through the ripple effect these gaps can have.

Big Red Rooster, a JLL company, is a multidimensional brand experience firm creating transformative human experiences that get results.